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Our Church History

Elder Sarah Yancey was a faithful minister of God who was married to George Yancey. They resided in Richmond.  In July1925, God told Elder Yancey to come to Norfolk and establish a true Holy church. She along with her loving husband prayed for God’s leading and HE showed her the place and how it would look. During a service in Richmond, the sum of $100.10 was raised.  During that time, that was a large sum of money.  This afforded her the opportunity to obey God‘s calling. She and her husband came to Norfolk and began to look for the place to establish God‘s Church.  When they came to the corner of Jefferson and Nicholson streets, she said to her husband “There it is George!”  They immediately made plans to rent the store front building with a pot belly stove for heating. The church was named Mt Zion Pentecostal Holiness Church. Once things were in place, they opened the doors for worship services. Souls were saved and the church began to grow.  Years later the Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority claimed the building and the church had to move.

Elder Yancey went to be with the Lord and left in her place Elder Pinkie Batten, the Assistant Pastor. God directed Elder Batten to build a church on the corner of Wall Street and Corona Avenue. While the church was being built, services were held in the home of Brother John and Sister Etta Wooten. The church was completed in 1952.

Under the leadership of Elder Batten the church prospered beyond measures. Elder Betsy Arrington became the Assistant Pastor, large families joined, and men were active in the church. There were musicians, actors, athletes, preachers, teachers, YPHA services for the youth, cook outs, celebrations of all kinds and more. Many have come and gone since then. Some passed away and some left to start a ministry elsewhere.

When Elder Batten and Elder Arrington left to be with the Lord, Elder John Wooten was voted by the members to be the Pastor, Sunday May 11, 1975. He was installed as Pastor in September, 1975 to carry on the works of the Lord. He was a humble leader who encouraged education, proper care of health and hygiene, humor as well as preaching God’s Word. Under his leadership, God has blessed the church and his field ministry. Several members left the church to begin ministries. A church has been established in North Carolina, A Mega church in Washington D.C and one in Georgia. People have been healed, saved and delivered and other ministries have developed locally.

Now 86 years later, we have Elder Harris. We will continue to have new members, baptisms, marriages and funerals. We will continue to fast, pray, worship and serve. God started this church, anointed these grounds, and said He will never leave us nor forsake us. We Trust in Him. 

Our Pastor

Pastor Queen Trice Harris, M.Div.

Pastor Harris is a native of Louisa County, Virginia, where her spiritual roots were established in the Baptist Church.  Growing up humbly with her parents and three other siblings, she comes from a family of multi-talented people and always strove for excellence in all that she endeavored to do. 

Serving the church has always been an important part of her life, and over the years the Lord has anointed her to serve the church in various capacities.  She answered her call to ministry in September 1996, and preached her initial sermon in November of the same year.  After serving as a staff minister for one year, she was ordained by the board of presbytery as an Elder in November 1997.  She was appointed as Assistant Pastor of Fountain of Deliverance Outreach Ministries in July 2000 under the leadership of Senior Pastors, Bishop Lawrence & Elder Stephanie Taylor.  In September 2010, she was appointed by Mt. Sinai Holy Churches of America, Inc. as Interim Pastor for the Mt. Zion Pentecostal Holiness Church in Norfolk, Virginia, and was installed as the Senior Pastor in October 2011 under the leadership of the Southern District prelate, Bishop John Emmanuel Holland.  During the same convocational year of 2011, Elder Harris was appointed by the Executive Board of Mt. Sinai Holy Churches of America, Inc. as the Presiding Elder for the State of Virginia; serving fifteen churches across the state.

She is a graduate of the Samuel Dewitt Proctor School of Theology@Virginia Union University where she received a Master of Divinity Degree in 2003.  During her seminary tenure, she also completed a six-month internship at the First Baptist Church – South Richmond, where the honorable Rev. Dr. Dwight C. Jones is Pastor.

Elder Harris is gifted with a uniquely gentle, yet powerful ministry that is a combination of sermon and song.  With it, she has touched the lives of thousands of people, not only by her messages in sermon, but by the anointed messages that she has ministered in song.  With a heart of compassion for the poor and oppressed, she has humbly and sacrificially served her local community and abroad, with her gifts and a vision to lift “the least of these”.

Elder Harris is the mother of a lovely daughter who serves faithfully by her side.  At home, Elder Harris has made notable contributions to local charities, as well as to the community at large.  Abroad, she has studied, toured, and ministered in parts of Ghana, West Africa, Georgetown Guyana, South America, and New Orleans, Louisiana; the ladder of which she participated in organized effort to help restore livelihood, and economic independence to those affected by the devastation of hurricane Katrina. 

“Repairing the breach” speaks clearly to her desire to reach out to those who are broken, and to help to rebuild a foundation on which they can live and stand.  To this end her ministry calling is richly inspired by the words of the prophet Isaiah saying:  “…and thou shalt be called, The repairer of the breach, The restorer of paths to dwell in.”  Isaiah 58:12

Our Staff & Auxilaries

 Administrative Staff


Deacon Albe Barham, Chairman of Deacons

Missionary Ender Hall, Secretary

Missionary Beverly Parker, Officer

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Remembrance Committee

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Armorbearer & Helps Ministry

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Upcoming Events

Sunday, Apr 29 All Day
Thursday, May 3 All Day
Sunday, May 6 All Day
Thursday, May 10 All Day

Weekly Themes

1st Sundays - Pastoral Day & Communion

2nd Sundays - Youth Day

3rd Sundays - Missionary Day

4th Sundays - Building Fund Day


We will not hide them from their children, shewing to the generation to come the praises of the LORD, and his strength, and his wonderful works that he hath done. Psalm 78:4

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